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Sustainable development of communities: ISO 37120 and UN goals

Atualizado: 8 de jan. de 2021

2019 | Janaina Macke, Joao Alberto Rubim Sarate, Suane de Atayde Moschen

Source: Extracted from Scopus database and analyed with Vosviewr free software


The aims of this study is to put on the agenda discussions concerning the approach of sustainable goals and indicators, in terms of how they relate to each other and how to list their importance within a network of contemporary city management. From the millennium objectives experience, UN has launched the continuity of the development program, through the sustainable development goals (SDG), which have the purpose of giving support to local and regional governments for the 2030 agenda in local sphere. In the city context, sustainable development has also been approached in regulations, like ISO 37120: 2017 “Sustainable development of communities: Indicators for city services and quality of life”. These instruments have in common the concern of offering parameters of public services to citizens and promoting in a uniform manner both social and economic growth of the urban environment.


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