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Ensuring the service quality at a university construction technology laboratory in Brazil

Atualizado: 8 de jan. de 2021

2019 | Marcelo Benetti Correa da Silva, Ana Paula Graciola, Gabriel Sperandio Milan, Suélen Bebber, Suane de Atayde Moschen, Deonir De Toni


Service quality in a construction technology laboratory can result in an improvement in construction companies’ competitiveness. This research aims to evaluate the service quality provided by a construction technology laboratory, specifically in the segment of performing testing through the rupturing of concrete samples. For this research, a survey was conducted using a structured questionnaire that was created based on a literature review regarding the surveying of laboratory customers at a university in the south of Brazil. Our research was both exploratory and quantitative, and the data were analyzed by applying multivariate data analysis. The conclusions of this study show that the dimensions of quality services are: communication, reliability, responsiveness, credibility, and tangibility. These five dimensions together provide a high explained variance standard of 79.75%. Having a suitable number of attendants available to serve customers and presenting agility in the construction laboratory is one of the managerial research contributions. Moreover, through information availability, this research generates greater traceability that can be used both by customers and by institutional management. Constantly and thoroughly monitoring the customer service cycle is another relevant factor that can improve the quality of the services provided.


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