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A study about the mall's image configuration

Atualizado: 8 de jan. de 2021

2015 | Sperandio Milan, Marcelo Benetti Correa da Silva, Suélen Bebber, Deonir De Toni


Background: The consumers’ mental image about the mall is relevant to direct their strategies, reflecting in their positioning and competitiveness. Objective: The purpose is to check how the process of mall’s image configuration in study on the perception of local consumers, based on the image configuration method, that enables a permanent image monitoring, also its influence on communication planning for each year. Method: By means of the Image Configuration Method, it was identified, along with 400 consumers, the mall collective image located in the South of Brazil. Results: The results figured in the Image Configuration Graphic show the attributes, levels and image dimensions that make up the mall images a multidimensional construct, which can be configured from the cognitive, emotional, functional and symbolic dimensions, furthermore, findings research indicates that the functional elements are more related, are relevant, and symbolic elements orientate their market positioning. Limitations: Research limitations show a single cross sectional research, with sample for convenience and eminently qualitative approach; also it may have a bias in the analysis and interpretation of the contents/ data by researchers. Conclusion: The Image Configuration Method detects problems and opportunities for an organization’s image. Also, this method allows constantly monitor the organization in each year. This research unravels how to understand the organization image to allow correct positioning due to the constant changing of attitudes by consumers. Moreover, the authors used the latest Method of Image Configuration.

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